Which wedding dress shape matches my bodytype?

bride wearing one off shoulder wedding dress

Which wedding dresses matches which bodytypes?  A question almost every bride asks herself, and one we get asked quite often. We have written out the basics for you in this blog.

But first things first…

‘I never expected this dress to look so good on me’,

‘I actually thought I wanted a complete different wedding dress’,

‘I would have never chosen this wedding dress myself’.

Many brides have a specific vision of what types and shapes of wedding dresses would look good on them and their bodytypes. Sometimes they believe certain gowns are off limits for them. The interesting thing is that many brides also say yes to a complete different dress than they had in mind, and one they never would have picked out of the racks themselves.

The reasons for this are the following:

  1. Wedding dresses are made to measure, completely fitted to the bride her measurements. Because of this, assets can be accentuated and places a bride wants to hide can be hidden.
  2. Wedding dresses are specifically made to be comfortable, supportive and shaping. Making the shape look really different than normal clothing does.
  3. Wedding dresses look completely different on a hanger than when put on.

Therefore we advice each bride to try on different styles and specifically shapes of wedding dresses with their bodytypes, they might surprise you.

The Basics

There are some basic guidelines to which wedding dresses match well with certain bodytypes. But as each and every body is different (even if they have the same global bodytype), definitely try on different shapes as well.

The Ballgown shape

Everyone knows the traditional princess ballgown dresses. A fitted top with a big and voluminous skirt.

Great for:

  • Peer shaped bodytpes, where the emphasis is on the hips. The ballgown shape will accentuate your waist and hide your hips, creating a beautiful hour shaped figure.
  • Petit brides. Are you petit and would like to create some curves and volume? The ballgown is a great option to do so as you will accentuate your waist, while the big skirt creates the curves.
  • Large cup sizes. With a large cup size and an accentuated waist, you will create a beautiful hour-shaped figure.

Avoid when:

  • You are really petit and the skirt of the ballgown is extremely big. The volume of the skirt can create unbalance and overwhelm you.

A true modern version of a ballgown is our  Love In Portofino wedding dress from J’Andreatta

voorbeeld van een ballgown trouwjurk

The A-Line wedding dress

An A-line wedding dress also has a fitted top with a loose and bigger skirt. The difference with an ballgown is that the A-line shape has a more delicate and less poofy skirt. They follow the shape of an A.

Great for:

  • Larger cup sizes. The A-line wedding dresses also create a beautiful balance when you have a larger cupsize, as the skirt is flowy and not fitted.
  • Petit brides. To create some volume as with a ballgown.
  • Wide hips. We love curves and we love it when brides like to show them as well. But some brides would like to hide their hips, then an A-line gown is a great option that is not too overwhelming.
  • Broad shoulders. Do you have broad shoulders? The A-line shape will give you a hour-shaped figure as it emphasizes your waist and then flows out again. Broad shoulders, small waist and a flared skirt!
  • Brides who want to look longer. Do you want to add some length? An A-line shape is the shape to do so, this is because of the ‘A’ line it follows.

Avoid when:

  • Actually an A-Line wedding dress is perfect for all bodytpes.

To create a stunning hour-shaped figure, try out this amazing A-Line wedding dress Bentleigh van Georgia Young Couture.

Voorbeeld van een A-Line trouwjurk

The Flit & Flare wedding dress

A Flit & Flare wedding dress is a subtle version of the A-Line shape. The Fit & Flare has a longer fitted top and flares out at your hips.

Great for:

  • Short and petit brides. If you are small and a little shorter (just like many of us), the Fit & Flare is a great option. The fitted top and the delicate flaring skirt add length, while still creating a subtle hint of curves.
  • Hour-shaped brides. Are you blessed with beautiful curves, show them off! The Fit & Flare will accentuate your waist and at the same time show off your hips.

Avoid when:

  • You have an athletic body. A Fit & Flare wedding dress can give you the feeling of having a squared shape.
  • You have a pear bodyshape with small shoulders. Because the Fit & Flare will (delicately) accentuate your hips, it will create an unbalance if you have a pear shaped bodytype that already has the emphasis on its hips.


The Harriett from Vagabond Bridal has a Fit & Flare shape.

Voorbeeld Fit & Flare trouwjurk

The Sheath wedding dress

A sheath wedding dress is completely fitted and figure hugging.

Great for:

  • Brides who want to look longer. When you are petit and would like to add some length to your look, a sheath gown is perfect because it is completely fitted all the way through without any interruptions.
  • Small brides. When you are small you can definitely rock a sheath dress
  • Athletic bodytypes. Sheat wedding dresses hugg your body, accentuating your curves.

Avoid when:

  • You have a pear shaped body type, this completely fitted shape can create some unbalance.


Our Ivy gown from Vered Vaknin Bridal is an example of a Sheat wedding dress.

Voorbeeld Sheat trouwjurk

The Mermaid / The Trumpet wedding dress

A fitted silhouette with a flared skirt below your knee. Yes, those are called the Mermaid and the Trumput. The Mermaid has a voluminous skirt, while the Trumput has a more subtile flair. A shape that has been created to really accentuate your curves.

Like our Madison gown van Georgia Young Couture.

Great for:

  • Curvy brides. Show them off! The Mermaid and the Trumpet shapes accentuate your beautiful curves, especially for the hour-shaped brides.
  • Petit brides. Petit brides can create some more curves with this model, as the skirt flares out at your knees, making your hips look more rounded.
  • Tall brides. Are you tall and do not want to look any taller? This model is a perfect option. The flaring skirt at the knees brakes your length.

Avoid when:

  • You do not feel comfortable showing of your curves.


example photo of mermaid wedding dress

We hope we have been able to give the info you need to start your wedding dress search. If you have any questions related to wedding dresses and bodytypes, send us an email and we are happy to help you out.

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