Our Story

What is on our heart, is you!
You are here to put your own special mark on the world.

And we have a strong desire to make a difference in the bridal industry. Not only by offering unique bridal wear but we want to have a positive impact on all of our brides. We want to make you feel special, accepted and appreciated for who you are. There are numerous influences in the world that try to make us feel insecure and to make us believe that we need to change, in our appearance, in our actions or what we believe. And we want to challenge that.

I, myself, struggled with this in the past. There were times that I felt I did not fit in. And that can be rough, as we all have some kind of longing to fit in somewhere. Right now, I am very grateful I came to a place where I am proud of who I am. And that is why this is so close to our heart.

Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, and we believe it is time that we all embrace that.

- Liesbeth Henning, Founder Keep Its Find Bridal

 The Collection

The Collection
As our whole concept revolves around uniqueness, we wanted to offer bridal wear that is different from the more traditional and commercial brands that are being sold in the Netherlands. There are brides that would like to have more traditional gowns and that is wonderful, as that will match with who they are and that is most important. But there are also brides that would like to wear more unique, non-traditional and un-common bridal wear. And that is where we step in. We are offering designers gowns and bridal wear with an edge.

And to make it even more special, with the collaboration of the most special designers all over the world, we have been able to provide bridal wear that can exclusively be bought in our boutique in the Netherlands.

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