Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! We want to provide our brides the luxury to have personal fittings and appointments. You will have our full attention and expertise at your service. We believe that each and every bride should feel special and unique, not only on their wedding day, but also while trying on wedding gowns.

An appointment will be approximately 1,5 hour. This will give us the comfort to stroll through the boutique, browse the racks and try on the most amazing gowns without having to rush.

The average price lays between €3000 and €4000. With some items below and some items above this range. You can see the exact prices of all the gowns in the collections section of our website.

We advise to bring the following items to your appointment:
- Heels. If you already have your wedding heels, perfect! If you are still searching for the perfect pair, we advise to think which heel height you would like to wear and bring a pair with that height.
- Nude, preferably seamless, underwear. The nude and seamless underwear will help you to envision your look on your big day without having to think away colored bra straps or prints of your underwear.
- Accessories: If you already managed to find the most amazing accessories for your big day, bring them! This way you can see your complete look. Of course we also have accessories in the store for you to try on.

We advise to start your gown search 9-11 months in advance. All gowns will be hand made and ordered to the closest fit to your measurements and this can take up to 6 months (depending on the brand). Some final months will be used for fittings and extra alterations when needed.


Rush orders are possible, you can ask us for the possibilities.

This is dependent on the brand/designers you chose for your wedding gown. But on average it takes between 3 – 6 months.

As your gown will be hand made to your measurements returns and exchanges are unfortunately not possible.

Once you have found your dream dress we will send you an invoice of 70%. This invoice can be paid in store or 7 days after receiving it via email. Once paid your gown will be ordered immediately.

After all your fittings and when your gown fits perfectly, you can take your gown home. This is when the last 30% will be paid. This will be done in the store.

You can pay with Credit Card or Debit Card.

When you have found your gown we will take your measurements and the designer will start making your gown closest to your measurements. It can be the case that when your gown arrives that you would like to have some additional alternations. After your gown has arrived we will plan a fitting with you and our seamstress, who will measure up your wishes. These alterations will on average take between 1 and 2 months, depending on the type and amount of alterations.

The additional alterations will on average cost between €100 and €250. This depends on the type and amount of alterations you would like.