Long sleeve Wedding Dresses

bride wearing long sleeve wedding dress and holding her hands together

As strapless wedding dresses dominated the wedding industry a couple of years ago, long sleeve wedding dresses are doing so right now. They can be found in many different gown shapes and styles. Read more about this in this blog, but first some more insight in the advantages of long sleeves.

Advantages of long sleeves

  1. Season adjustable: Long sleeve wedding dresses are perfect for spring, autumn and winter weddings as they give extra warmth. BUT, summer brides can still go for a long sleeves if they love them, by choosing the right fabric. Many designers make their wedding dresses from lace semi see-through fabrics, making them airy and perfect for the summer.
  2. Make you look longer: Long sleeve wedding dresses add extra length, especially when you are a petit bride or a bride with small shoulders.

The Styles

Minimalistic long sleeve wedding dresses

Soft fabrics, fitted silhouettes and super elegant. Minimalistic wedding dresses are taking over the bridal fashion industry, and we see them more and more with long sleeves. By playing with the sleeves, designers are able to make a minimalistic gown a true statement piece. And we have a few in our collection!

The Alchemist from Marquise bridal & the Scarlett from Vagabond bridal.

Minimalistische bruidsjurken met lange mouwen

Romantic wedding dresses with long sleeves 

Lace, lace, lace! Lace fabrics immediately give wedding dresses a romantic look. By combing these gowns with long lace sleeves, you can create an extra dreamy and whimsical look.

La Rosala from J’Andreatta & the Monica from Vered Vaknin Bridal

Romantische bruidsjurken met lange mouwen

Bohemian wedding dresses with long sleeves

Bohemian wedding dresses are recognizable by their flowiness and statement lace fabrics. The long sleeves give the bohemian wedding dresses just that extra touch.

Like the Elena from Vered Vaknin Bridal & the Virgina from Vagabond Bridal

Bohemian bruidsjurken met lange mouwen

Glitter wedding dresses with long sleeves

Glitter wedding dresses are very glamorous, sparkly and dazzling. They will truly capture everyones eye when you walk down the aisle. The long glitter sleeves make the pattern and fabric pop, making the gown really stand out on your skin.

Cafe de Flore from J’Andreatta & the Lilac from Vered Vaknin Bridal

Glitter bruidsjurken met lange mouwen

Short wedding dresses with long sleeves

En not to forget, the short wedding dresses. They are perfect for civil weddings, a reception or to change in for your party. The long sleeves can add that extra bridal vibe.

The Lily & Nolah gowns from Meryl Suissa

Korte bruidsjurken met lange mouwen

On our website you can find many more wedding dresses with long sleeves. Take a look at our entire collection we currently have in our showroom: https://keepitsfindbridal.nl/category/gowns/, here you can also find the prices and info on all the gowns.

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