Why can leadtimes of wedding dresses be so long?

3 photos of brides in wedding dresses with unique detaild

Have you ever wondered why the leadtimes of wedding dresses are so long? We have had the question asked multiple times from our brides. We will be explaining the why in this blog post but also the reason why there can be such a difference in leadtimes between different designers and brands.

The big why

The creation of wedding dresses is a highly specialized skill. Unlike your everyday clothing wedding dresses are (usually) made to measure and fully tailored to your body measurements. And this is one of the main reasons why the leadtimes of wedding dresses can take so long. Making sure your wedding dress fits and hugs your body in all the right places is a skill on its own and much time is taken into account to make sure your wedding dress is made exactly in the right fit for you. For example, when you take two brides with the same body shape, let’s say a pear shape, the exact measurements and proportions of the brides do still differ.

Another reason for longer leadtimes is the handwork of embellishments and details. All designers do their best to make the most unique, most special and most amazing designs, and they do so by making fabrics by hand but also by combining different fabrics and hand sowing beads and lace details on the gowns. And that takes time.

Why do leadtimes of wedding dresses differ per designer/brand?

Some designers take 9 months to create wedding dresses, other can do it within 8 weeks. We can imagine that brides ask themselves the question, why the difference.

It all has to do with how the designers have organized their production. On a general level we can make a distinction between two ways of creating and producing wedding dresses.

  1. Hand made / Made to Measure

    Many luxury and couture designers choose the create their wedding dresses by hand. All the reasons we listed for the Big Why in the previous paragraph are relevant to this type of production. A great benefit of hand made wedding dresses is that the gowns fit better and that brides can ask for customizations to their wedding dresses.

  2. Wholesale production

    Wholesale production is where wedding dresses are made in larger factories, which enables designer to decrease their production costs, lower their prices and shorten the leadtimes.


3 photos of brides in wedding dresses with unique detaild


How does it work at Keep Its Find Bridal?

At Keep Its Find Bridal we decided to only work with designers who make their wedding dresses by hand in their own atelier. This ensures quality, better fit, customization options for our brides and the most unique and special wedding dresses.

The leadtimes of the designers we work ranged from 4-7 months, depending on the designer.

You can check out all the designers we work with here: collection


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